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As a business partner and reseller of major hardware companies, DPRS provides IT services and complete business solutions. In the past we have supplied successfully business solutions utilizing Fail-Tolerant (FT), Cluster, Server, and high-speed/high-capacity Data Storage systems.

A great majority of our business solutions is utilized for real-time data collection, industrial automation, intelligent transportation systems, and traffic signal synchronization. DPRS is currently pursuing opportunities to provide solutions that support emergency response, and facilities management.

Our business solutions are cost-effective and are supported by our professional IT team, which provides outstanding installation/staging, software/hardware troubleshooting, and repair services. We also supply hardware to IT contractors; we do not sell (re-sell) software products except for software developed by our professional team to support custom business solutions.

DPRS also provides installation/staging training for IT Administrators and Technical personnel to all clients who maintain in-house IT teams.


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Data & Database

Data Conversion, Cleanup, Standardization, Analysis, Mapping, and Database Development.

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GIS & Application Development

GIS Application Development, Geo-Database Design, Optimization & Implementation.

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Land Use & Transportation Planning, Regional Economic Development, and Forecasting.

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Business Solutions

Provision of Complete Business Solutions Using "Cutting Edge" Hardware and Software.

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Research & Development

DPRS R&D Activities in GIS Application Development, Automation Systems, 3-D Modeling etc.