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Our most recent research and development activities are geared toward enhancement of multi-application data exchange in Enterprise Environments. DPRS combines GIS Application Development, 3D- and 4D- Modeling, as well as, System Automation tools for providing seamless data integration and data flow among various application platforms. A fundamental in the development of Enterprise Systems is the capability of flawless and efficient data exchanges among different applications.

Although a great majority of businesses employ industry standard software in their day-to-day workflows, we should recognize that still there are tremendous software incompatibilities that prevent flawless data exchange and seamless integration. Addressing this issue is a crucial factor for further enhancing business productivity and unleashing additional power to end users.

DPRS is heavily engaged in research and development of tools applicable in the field of Land Use and Transportation Planning. Our tools put emphasis on use of GIS and Visualization tools for the improvement of Land Use and Transportation Modeling.


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Data & Database

Data Conversion, Cleanup, Standardization, Analysis, Mapping, and Database Development.

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GIS & Application Development

GIS Application Development, Geo-Database Design, Optimization & Implementation.

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Land Use & Transportation Planning, Regional Economic Development, and Forecasting.

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Business Solutions

Provision of Complete Business Solutions Using "Cutting Edge" Hardware and Software.

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Research & Development

DPRS R&D Activities in GIS Application Development, Automation Systems, 3-D Modeling etc.