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DPRS has over forty years of combined professional experience with respect to data capturing, conversion, cleanup, standardization, analysis, mapping, and database design & implementation. We have worked with almost every data format ranging from hard copies and drawings to sophisticated ArcSDE, SQL and Oracle Geo-Databases. We specialize in data conversion for GIS Applications and Spatial Databases, as well as tabular data cleanup and standardization. Over time, we have developed efficient programming routines that provide cost-effective data conversion, analysis, error-detection and subsequent correction.

Regardless if your data is in tabular, raster, vector, hardcopy or other format, DPRS is able to handle your project and deliver the highest possible quality of service and customer satisfaction. We are particularly experienced in handling large scale data sets. The following provides a abstractive list of our Data & Database services:

Data Conversion:
From hardcopy format (paper maps, sketches, engineering drawings etc) to digital format (CAD, MicroStation, GIS, Database/Geo-Database etc). Data format conversion among different digital file formats (i.e. CAD to/from Shapefile, KML to/from Shapefile or CAD) is also available.

Data Cleanup & Standardization (for GIS or non-GIS data): We utilize advanced error -tracking and -correction programming routines to ensure data quality, consistency and integrity. We work with tabular, vector and raster and other file formats.

Data Development Analysis & Mapping (for GIS or non-GIS data): We provide a wide range of statistical analysis that ranges form descriptive statistics and simple data reports to sophisticated data modeling using liner, log-liner, and mix-logit models, PCA, cluster analysis etc. We also provide 3D data modeling, DEMs, data mapping, and map production services (see: GIS & Geodatabase).

Database Development (for GIS or non-GIS data): DPRS is a leader in the architecture, development, implementation, and optimization of relational databases and spatial Geo-Databases. Our database design/development provides seamless data integration, high performance, efficient data management, and scalability to accommodate our clients' present and future needs.

Metadata Development (for GIS or non-GIS data): All our data works carry metadata compliant with ISO, FGDC and/or other desirable standards.

Contact or visit us to discuss your project and provide you with innovative and cost-effective solutions and services.


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Data & Database

Data Conversion, Cleanup, Standardization, Analysis, Mapping, and Database Development.

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GIS & Application Development

GIS Application Development, Geo-Database Design, Optimization & Implementation.

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Land Use & Transportation Planning, Regional Economic Development, and Forecasting.

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Business Solutions

Provision of Complete Business Solutions Using "Cutting Edge" Hardware and Software.

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Research & Development

DPRS R&D Activities in GIS Application Development, Automation Systems, 3-D Modeling etc.